About Us

I was determined to breastfeed my little one as soon as I met her.
However, with so many things to remember to bring when leaving the house, many times I would forget the nursing cover, and would then have to scramble to find a private room to feed my little one when she started crying for milk.
That's how I came up with the idea to make a stylish and lightweight nursing cover I could wear as a cute scarf, so I would never forget it when i left the house.
Since then breastfeeding has been a breeze.

So what’s so special about our covers?

THE SCARF EFFECT - One thing is to have my nursing cover hang around my neck, like a fashionable scarf and when the hungry cry begins, its right there.

THE FABRIC GAUGE - Whether indoor our outdoor, we specify the thickness of each fabric. Some of us may be traveling to cold places or hot ones like the beach perhaps? It helps to know the perfect cover to bring and use.

THE PRINTS - There are days wherein you just don’t have time to find the Mommy Corner! We offer neutral prints. It’s basically camouflaging lactation into a trendy fashion.

THE DRAWSTRING POUCH - Each cover comes with a pouch with a hook attached to it. Keep it clean and within reach all the time.

THE STRETCH - Little ones love to stretch! So does our fabric.

USEFULNESS - Not just a nursing cover, blanket while in stroller, carseat cover, highchair cover & shopping card cover.

- Nikki Quesada, Mother and Founder of Ministry of Milk